President's Column 28 (Apr. 15, 2024)

House of Representatives Members Koichi Hagiuda and others visited TUAT


Mr. Koichi Hagiuda, Mr. Akihisa Nagashima, Mr. Yohei Matsumoto, members of the House of Representatives, and related people visited TUAT Koganei Campus. After I introduced the activities of TUAT in a place where everyone is together, Professor Pongsathorn gave a presentation on the research and development activities at the Smart Mobility Research Center. After that, we toured the Nature and Science Museum and the Koganei Animal Medical Emergency Center. In addition to promoting cutting-edge research and development, TUAT also emphasizes strong ties with the local community, and the tour participants understood that the university's role is to develop ways for everyone to get around safely and to contribute to a fulfilling life with animals. Mr. Hagiuda was also very interested in the exhibits of the Nature and Science Museum, as he is a native of Hachioji City and his family was in the silk spinning business.