President's Column 27 (Apr. 10, 2024)

Address at both the Agriculture and Engineering Faculty Meetings

・三沢 和彦 理事(経営戦略・人事担当)・統括理事・副学長
・永田 勝 理事(総務・企画担当)
・有江 力 理事(内部統制担当)・副学長(教学戦略担当)・統括副学長 



The first faculty meeting of the year was held, and I opened the meeting with greetings along with the following three board members, followed by an explanation of the policies for the year from me.
Dr. Kazuhiko Misawa: Trustee, Chief Operating/Financial/Human Resource Officer, Vice-President
Mr. Masaru Nagata: Trustee for General Affairs/Planning
Dr. Tsutomu Arie: Trustee for Governance, Vice-President, Chief Operating/Academic Officer

Activity policy for this year (summary)

TUAT was selected at the end of last year for the " Program for Forming Japan’s Peak Research Universities (J-PEAKS)”. This project is a parallel program to the University Fund's support for international excellence research universities in order to improve the research capabilities of Japan as a whole and promote the creation of new value. The purpose of this project is to promote the formation of a group of research universities that will lead the development of Japan's overall research capabilities by supporting the development of an environment in which core regional universities. In addition, the project will also support universities with strengths in specific fields of research can strengthen their research capabilities by accelerating international development of research activities and social implementation, while collaborating with other universities under strategic management that focuses on their strengths and distinctive research capabilities. We are very grateful for this opportunity, but the important thing is how we can make this project a success and show a greater presence of Japanese universities in the international community in the midst of a difficult financial situation in Japan. To this end, the university must firmly establish a responsible governance structure to become autonomous, and make visible progress in new initiatives to establish an effective business and financial foundation. At the same time, it is essential to promote the development of higher-level educational and research activities. The most important thing is for faculty and staff to work toward higher goals and to further strengthen organizational cooperation. What is required of universities is to have the foresight to see into the future, to think outside of existing frameworks, and to find new values and act with a strong will. Above all, we believe that the most important thing is to have sincerity and integrity, to respect the interests of others and society, and to engage in university activities with a high sense of ethics. I have renewed my determination to make this year a year in which all members share this belief and the university will make great progress.