President's Column 9 (Jul. 26-28, 2023)

ハワイ州政府ならびにハワイ日米協会主催 Sister Summit 2023にパネリストとして参加しました
President Chiba participated as a panelist at the Sister Summit


2023 hosted by the Hawaii State Government and the Japan-America Society of Hawaii
Hundreds of Hawaii and Japanese government officials and business, cultural, educational, and civic leaders gathered for the first annual Hawaii - Japan Sister State and Sister City Summit. The purpose of the Summit was to deepen exchanges and strengthen the relationship between Hawaii and Japan for trade, investment, collaboration, and goodwill. While many governors and other officials from Japan participated in this summit, I was invited as a panelist to exchange views with influential figures from Hawaii and other countries on the realization of sustainable and profitable agriculture. In addition, I took advantage of this opportunity to discuss educational and research collaboration with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with which TUAT has already concluded a partnership agreement. As a result, it was decided that state legislators and many other Hawaii state officials will visit TUAT on September 4, 2012.

左から東京多摩日米協会理事 鈴木江里光氏、千葉、ハワイ日米協会会長Reyna Kaneko氏、フードライター Sean Morris氏、東京多摩日米協会会長 田辺隆一郎氏、同理事・事務局長 鈴木昭一氏
From left to right: Mr. Eriko Suzuki, Director, Tama Tokyo Japan-America Society; President Chiba; Ms. Reyna Kaneko, President, Japan-America Society of Hawaii; Mr. Sean Morris, food writer; Mr. Ryuichiro Tanabe, President, Tama Tokyo Japan-America Society; Mr. Shoichi Suzuki, Director and Secretary General of the same

Sister Summit 2023についてはハワイの大手放送局Hawaii News Nowの取材を受け、持続可能な農業に関するインタビューが放映されました
The Sister Summit 2023 was covered by Hawaii News Now, a major broadcaster in Hawaii, and President Chiba was interviewed about sustainable agriculture.