To All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering: Activity restriction level from Friday, January 21 (including the 4th quarter)

January 20, 2022 update


To: All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering
From: Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering


Activity restriction level from Friday, January 21 (including the 4th quarter)

 The Japanese government declared that the “quasi-emergency state measures for COVID-19” will be applied to Tokyo and 12 other prefectures. These measures will be in effect from Friday, January 21 to Sunday, February 13. However, in light of the fact that infection control measures have been taken in classrooms and laboratories on the Koganei Campus and that there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 spread from the TUAT campuses, the activity restriction level will remain at Level 1 even on/after Friday, January 21, while we will keep a close watch on the spread of the infection.
 However, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, we ask that each and every one of you take responsibility for your actions and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct of TUAT, such as by taking measures to prevent infection at all times and refraining from taking a meal with multiple people regardless of location - on and off campus, in a restaurant, or at home.
 Please keep in mind that the activity restriction level may change depending on the infection spread situation in the future, so check up-to-date information on the TUAT website, etc. frequently.

 Please refer to the following points about your upcoming lectures, etc. (including the 4th quarter).

1) Lectures, etc. (including the 4th quarter)

 In principle, lectures will be offered face to face, online, or in a hybrid format according to the policies of the lecturer. All classrooms on the Koganei Campus are equipped with hand sanitizers and air-conditioning systems that meet the ventilation standards of the COVID-19 advisory board of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
 If you wish for educational consideration such as avoiding attending face-to-face lectures due to concerns about the COVID-19, you need to apply for "Notification of Absence for Specified Reasons" (Authorized Absence System, Reference: Web bulletin board) to the lecturer at least one week before the consideration can be applied. In this case, you will take all of your courses online.
 However, for how to take regularly scheduled examinations for your courses, please follow the instructions given by the lecturer in charge of each course.

 Note: The latest "List of courses to be offered during a concentrated period of time" (including courses offered in the 4th quarter) is posted on the web bulletin board, but if you are instructed otherwise about how the course will be conducted by the lecturer in charge of a course, please follow his/her instructions, instead.

2) Research activities

 To participate in research activities, students are required to fill out the “Confirmation for Lab Activities” form after the following conditions are met. Supervisors give clear explanation to their students on how to prevent infection transmission in the laboratory, etc. based on the premise that the research activities are conducted face to face. If you belong to a laboratory and have not fill out the "Confirmation of Laboratory Activities" form yet, please complete the form.
 Please follow the policies of the department/major (division) regarding your dissertation defense, etc.

The “Confirmation for Lab Activities” forms are as follows:
 English Ver. Japanese Ver.

Please check the following web page for the activity restriction levels.
"Policies of Faculty/Graduate School of Engineering on Activity Restrictions to Resume Education and Research Activities under COVID-19"

3) Extra-curricular activities

  • Please check the notice“まん延防止等重点措置の適用に伴うサークル活動について” (Extra-curricular activities under a quasi-emergency state for COVID-19) dated January 20, 2022, and judge whether the activities are necessary. (There are major changes in the rules for activities, such as prohibition of activities outside Tokyo as a general rule, and changes in the level of restrictions on sports facilities.) 
  • Individual extra-curricular activities are allowed with restrictions after screening, placing emphasis on efforts to prevent infection. After the activities end, return home directly without gathering to eat or drink with other members, etc.
  • Please respect each student’s will and do not force them to participate in the activities. 

 If you have any problems, please consult with your advisors or the office staff.

 4) Others

  • Even after being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please continue to take measures to prevent infection transmission on campus, such as wearing a mask (non-woven masks are recommended), disinfecting your hands, and ensuring good ventilation, both indoors and outdoors. Always take your temperature before coming to university; if you are not feeling well, please refrain from coming to university. For physical education classes, please follow the instructions of the lecturers.
  • Eating/drinking in the classrooms are prohibited. Please use the cafeteria in the University Co-op, Ellipse or Keyaki Hall for your lunch. However, these facilities are available to you for dining purposes only. Using the facilities for other purposes (chatting, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Even after your regularly scheduled examinations are over, please continue to behave responsibly as a student of TUAT, following the Code of Conduct of TUAT.

 All of our faculty/administrative staff will continue to support you in your studies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your advising professor in your department/major, education committee member, student life committee member, academic advisor, or the Student Support Office. Also, if you are worried about your mental health, please contact the Health Service Center.
 Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Contact Information

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 Student Support Section
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②Other than the above ① related matters
 Educational Affairs Section
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2. Health Service Center
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