TUAT Lending Wi-Fi Routers to Students, third quarter for 2021

To: All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering
From: Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering

 Policies on lectures for the third quarter is to offer lectures face-to-face, and for 1st year to 3rd year students in Faculty of Engineering, the third quarter lectures will be held in hybrid classrooms. It is possible to take all classes online completely from home by submitting a request for consideration to participate classes online.

 If you have troubles with your own network environment at home and wish to participate classes online and borrow Wi-Fi routers because it is difficult for you to prepare the network environment, please follow the instructions below to submit your application.【Strict deadline】

 However, in principle, you are expected to maintain the network environment through your own efforts, so even if you borrow, please continue to make efforts to maintain the network environment.

◎Please note that if the number of applications exceeds the number of Wi-Fi routers we have prepared, we will screen the applications and decide who to lend the routers based on the content of the applications.


 Application Deadline  12:00 (noon) 22, September Wednesday, 2021
 E-mail address t-online(Place @ here)m2.tuat.ac.jp
 Items needed
 in the message

Subject:「2021.3学期 Wi-Fiルーター貸与希望申請」 ※Please send the following information in the body of the e-mail. We send you the application form by e-mail later.

 1. Student ID number:
 2. Name:
 3. Status of submission of「3学期特定事由による対面式講義欠席届」:
 4. Reason(s) for application:
 5. Network environment improvement plan: