About the Schedule of Online Education for the First Term

April 13, 2020
may 11,2020 update


About the Schedule of Online Education for the First Term



To: All Students of the Graduate School of Agriculture and Faculty of Agriculture
From: Dean, Graduate School of Agriculture and Faculty of Agriculture

 In line with the spread of new coronavirus infection, the Graduate School of Agriculture and Faculty of Agriculture will hold online lectures until June 13 (Sat.) for the first term as follows.

[Preparation Period] From April 9 (Thu.)

(1)  As a preparation for the online orientation for our new students, we sent a set of materials to each new student by registered mail on April 9 (Thu.). They include i) student ID card, ii) university information system user guide, iii) TUAT email address and iv) account ID, and v) guide about how to connect to Google Classroom. If they are returned due to your absence, we will contact you again.
(2)  Click here  (under construction) for a list of “Courses", "Instructors", "Google Classroom Code", "Online Course Dates", etc. for each department, which is equivalent to the timetable for online lectures. It will be updated and be completed on May 4 (Mon.).
(3)  The above (2) is also underway for students in the 2nd year and above who are undergraduate students and those who are in the 2nd year and above in the graduate school.
(4)  Please help us to improve your network environment at home.

Academic calendar: https://www.tuat.ac.jp/documents/tuat/campuslife_career/campuslife/gakunenreki/2020gakunenrekiEng.pdf


[Online Education Preparation / Trial Period] April 13 (Mon.) to May 8 (Fri.)

(1)  Online education preparation and trial period by instructors and internet environment improvement period by students. However, some courses may be conducted in advance during this period. Please check the WEB bulletin board.
(2)  Prior to the online lectures, we will send you a "Questionnaire on Google Classroom and your Wi-Fi environment for online education practice" (tentative name) at your TUAT address (TUAT-ID@st.go.tuat.ac.jp) by April 17 (Fri.). Please try to see the practice file. If you do not receive the email by April 17 (Fri.), please contact us here (under construction).

Textbooks and reference books used for online lectures from May 11 will be introduced by the instructor in charge in the Google Classroom of each subject.

Some textbooks and reference books can be purchased from the TUAT Co-op (a list can be found on the TUAT Co-op website (https://www.univcoop.jp/tuat/index.html); This page is in Japanese, so please ask your advisor/tutor for support.). Please go to the website for the purchase procedure.

When purchasing at the co-op, undergraduate students will be exempt from the shipping and cash on delivery fees only for the first time, and books will be sent by courier to the designated address sequentially.

For textbooks that cannot be purchased at the co-op, please prepare by yourself

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Consumer Cooperative Homepage: https://www.univcoop.jp/tuat/index.html


[Online Education Starts] May 11 (Mon.) -

(1)   In the academic year 2020, flexible operation of each course is allowed as long as, in principle, a minimum of 45 hours of study time for one credit (including preparation and review) is ensured.
(2)   Classes may be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

To access the online lectures for the courses offered, use the class code shown in the online timetable and, in principle, enter the Google Classroom

with your TUAT address. Please see the WEB bulletin board and syllabus as needed. There are three types of lectures: "streaming type", "video delivery type", and "file type with audio", depending on the course offered.

(4)  You may be requested to submit your answers by the end of the online lecture. Instructors may ask you questions that confirm your understanding by chat, a quiz and so on within on-line lectures.
(5)   Instructors will also accept questions during the time specified on the timetable. Ask questions in real time using Google Classroom.
(6)  If it is judged that the spread of infection has not reached the “Phase 5 (decline)” after May 31 (Sun.), we will continue online education. 

On starting to take online lectures, in case that your home internet environment was not suitable for online lecutures, even though there had been no problems with "Google Classroom" for the period of online lectuer practice, the university will provide you with a free Wi-Fi router.

Please download and carefully read the "Application for Borrowing a Free Wi-Fi Router Set from the University", and international students should consult with your academic supervisor before applying.

Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, May 27, however numbers of Wi-fi are limited. In addition, if the online lectures continue after Monday, June 15,2020 and your reason for borrowing of Wi-fi is not ressolved, it is available to use when an "Application for Extension of Wi-fi" will be submitted by Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Please make an offer.

Application for Borrowing form
Application for Extension form

WEB Bulletin Board: http://t-board.office.tuat.ac.jp/A/menu.php#Boar

Syllabus / Schedule: https://www.tuat.ac.jp/campuslife_career/campuslife/course/syllabus/

[Course Registration Period] June 1 (Mon.) - June 12 (Fri.), 2020

Even if you register for the online lecture in Google Classroom, you will not be eligible for credit unless you register for the course via the SPICA system.
  Please be sure to register for courses via SPICA.

Course Registration Period  June 1 (Mon.) to June 12 (Fri.), 2020 
Registration Confirmation Period  June 16 (Tue.) to June 18 (Thu.), 2020 

 Academic Information System (SPICA): https://spica.gakumu.tuat.ac.jp/portal2/

WEB bulletin board: http://t-board.office.tuat.ac.jp/A/menu.php#Boar

Search for "Registration / Registration correction period" on the WEB bulletin board


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