To All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering: The activity restriction level from Oct 1

September 28, 2021 update


To: All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering
From: Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering


Activity restriction level for the third quarter of 2021

 We have revised the "Policies of Faculty/Graduate School of Engineering on Activity Restrictions for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19" and developed new "Policies of Faculty/Graduate School of Engineering on Activity Restrictions to Resume Education and Research Activities under COVID-19" as we adjust to a “new normal”.
 From October 1, 2021, Level 1 will be applied in accordance with the "Policies of Faculty/Graduate School of Engineering on Activity Restrictions to Resume Education and Research Activities under COVID-19".
 Things to consider when participating in research activities/lectures from this point and onward are listed below. Please read them carefully.
 Please keep in mind that the activity restriction level may change depending on the infection spread situation in the future, so check up-to-date information on the TUAT website, etc. frequently.

1) Research activities

 To participate in research activities, students are required to fill out the “Confirmation for Lab Activities” form after the following conditions are met. Supervisors give clear explanation to their students on how to prevent infection transmission in the laboratory, etc. based on the premise that the research activities are conducted face to face. While doing so, the supervisors should consider the students’ concerns as top priority and seek to resume normal operations (pre-pandemic research activities) to the maximum extent possible. If you belong to a laboratory and have not fill out the "Confirmation of Laboratory Activities" form yet, please complete the form.

The “Confirmation for Lab Activities” forms are as follows:
 English Ver. Japanese Ver.

2) Lectures

 In general, lectures will be conducted face-to-face and will be held in hybrid classrooms with a number of students not exceeding/equivalent to that of the examination capacity (50% of a normal classroom capacity). The weekly even/odd numbering system will be suspended.
 If you wish for educational considerations such as avoiding attending face to face lectures due to concerns about the COVID-19, it is possible to take all classes online completely from home by submitting a request for consideration to participate classes online. There is no disadvantage in taking lectures under this system. However, this system applies when you wish to take all your lectures online, and does not apply when you only want to take online lectures for a part of time or for some lectures. If you wish for educational considerations, you need to apply in advance to your department's education committee member, etc. via a survey on Google Forms. [Applications are accepted at any time.].

Reference: Web bulletin board “Notification of absence from face-to-face examinations for specific reasons in the third quarter” (「3学期特定事由による対面式定期試験欠席届」)

 Please refer to this page for more detailed information about the policies on lectures for the third quarter.

3) Extra-curricular activities

  Individual club activities are allowed with restrictions after screening, placing emphasis on efforts to prevent infection. After the activities end, return home directly without gathering to eat or drink with other members, etc.
 Please respect the intentions of individual students and do not force them to participate in the activities.
 If you have any problems, please consult with your advisors or the office staff.

 4) Others

 ・Even after being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please continue to take measures to prevent infection transmission on campus, such as wearing a mask (non-woven masks are recommended), disinfecting your hands, and ensuring good ventilation, both indoors and outdoors. Always take your temperature before attending university; if you are not feeling well, please refrain from attending university. For physical education classes, please follow the instructions of the lecturers.

・Eating/drinking in the classrooms are prohibited. Please use the cafeteria in the University Co-op, Ellipse or Keyaki Hall for your lunch. However, these facilities are available to you for dining purposes only. Using the facilities for other purposes (chatting, etc.) is prohibited.

・Please be sure to behave in accordance with the Code of Conduct of TUAT such as by refraining from taking a meal with multiple people regardless of location - on and off campus, in a restaurant, or at home.

 All of our faculty and staff will continue to support you in your studies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your advising professor in your department/major, education committee member, student life committee member, academic advisor, or the Student Support Office. Also, if you are worried about your mental health, please contact the Health Service Center.
 Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Contact Information

1. Koganei Student Support Office
①Extra-curricular activities (and/or general campus life matters)
 Student Support Section
 Tel: 042-388-7011
 E-mail: t-life ( at )

②Other than the above ① related matters
 Educational Affairs Section
 Tel: 042-388-7010
 E-mail: tkyomu1 ( at )

* Please change [at] to @ when sending an email.

2. Health Service Center
 Please check the web page.
 Tel: 042-388-7171