To: All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering From: Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering

April 10, 2020


To: All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering
From: Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering


Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various events such as the Olympic Games have been suspended or postponed. The number of people infected with the new coronavirus also continues to increase exponentially each day, and the Japanese government has announced a "Declaration of a State of Emergency." 

Under such circumstances, one of the effective means to prevent the spread of infection is to keep a social distance, that is, to limit movement by staying at home. In order to prevent the spread of infection, TUAT has also taken measures to restrict entrance to the campus and suspend students from attending school.

Currently, many people around the world are fighting against unknown viruses. To challenge the unknown, human wisdom must be brought together, and the students who will lead the future must not be deprived of the opportunity to learn new knowledge. The Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering, have established a standard platform for online lectures and are preparing to deliver quality-guaranteed education in order to provide sufficient education as a highest education institution even under these circumstances. Therefore, we would like each student to fully understand the following content.

In online education, students can use the videos and pre-distributed lecture materials to repeatedly review. On the other hand, online education is a lecture method that requires the independence and ingenuity of each student. We believe in the infinite possibilities you have. We believe that TUAT students are willing to learn and have the ability to discover new things and deepen their learning in any environment.

Please join this limited learning environment so that students and faculty members can work together to maximize the effectiveness of online education.

Please secure enough time for online lectures (preparation, review, etc.) and create a regulated life centered on your studies. Once again, please be aware of the meaning of conducting online lectures, and keep in mind that it is strictly prohibited to go out at night, go out unnecessarily, or take any action that corresponds to “Three Cs” overlap (1. Closed spaces with insufficient ventilation, 2. Crowded conditions with people, 3. Conversations within short distances).

Under this severe situation, we can easily imagine the stress of everyone who is restricted to staying at home. However, isn't it possible for a young person to inadvertently infect someone with a virus, not to mention possibly being infected oneself, due to the careless behavior of young people?  In addition, I imagine you are asking yourself, "Isn't it possible for my immediate family to get infected?”  I sincerely hope that you will fully understand your position and act as a clever student and one of the members of the international community.