To All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering: Policies on lectures for the third quarter

September 3, 2021 update

To: All Students of Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering
From: Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering


 Policies on lectures for the third quarter is to offer lectures face-to-face, and for 1st year to 3rd year students in Faculty of Engineering, the third quarter lectures will be held in hybrid classrooms.
 According to the student survey on vaccination, 90% of the students have been vaccinated twice or have made a reservation for vaccination, but 12% of the students do not wish to be vaccinated (1564 responses from the Faculty of Engineering). In addition, since there have been outbreaks of the new variant, please continue to take basic measures against infection for a while when you attend lectures.


(1) Policies on lectures for the third quarter

1) Basic infection control measures (Please take your own temperature before coming to the university, ensure good ventilation, disinfect your hands, wear a mask (in principle, non-woven masks should be used), and do not attend university if you are not feeling well.)
2) If you are not feeling well, you are allowed to change to online participation from home. In that case, please apply for "Notification of Absence for Specified Reasons" (Authorized Absence System) to your lecturer.
Reference: Web bulletin board “About the Authorized Absence System (Including online lectures)”
3) Face-to face lectures will be held with the examination capacity. (In the classroom, please be seated in a zigzag pattern with both left and right sides open. Follow the seating guide.)
4) For classes offered in the third quarter, it is possible to take all classes online completely from home by submitting a request for consideration to participate classes online (instructions on exams will be provided separately). There is no disadvantage in taking lectures under this system. However, this system applies when you wish to take all your lectures online, and does not apply when you only want to take online lectures for a part of time or for some lectures.
If you wish for educational considerations, you need to apply in advance to your department's education committee member, etc. via Google Form. [Application deadline: Wednesday, September 22].
Reference: Web bulletin board “Notification of absence from face-to-face examinations for specific reasons in the third quarter” (「3学期特定事由による対面式定期試験欠席届」)
5) We will prohibit students from having lunch in the classrooms, but will set up a bring-your-own lunch area with acrylic panels in Keyaki Hall. The University Co-op and Ellipse will be open.
6) In the laboratory, we will continue to have students attend research activities every other day, or split a day into two parts to come to the University.
7) Classroom numbers will be listed on the time table for the third quarter, but class codes will not be listed. Class codes will be announced in the course description section of each lecture syllabus during September, so please check.
8) Some lectures may be offered entirely online due to circumstances. In such cases, you can take those classes in the classroom.
9) Please follow the instructions of your department for experiments and drafting activities.
10) Please keep in mind that other important information may be posted on the Web bulletin board and TUAT website, so please check for information updates.

(2) TUAT Workplace Group Vaccination at Koganei Campus

 TUAT vaccination at Building 12 on Koganei Campus has started following the schedule below.
For this reason, please note that we may ask you to move to a different classroom in some occasions. Any changes in the classroom will be posted on the Web bulletin board. Please refer the notice for "Classroom Change" (「教室変更について」).

Day 1) 1st vaccination : Wed. September 1st 〇 2nd vaccination : Wed. September 29th 〇
Day 2) 1st vaccination : Thu. September 2nd 〇 2nd vaccination : Thu. September 30th 〇
Day 3) 1st vaccination : Fri. September 3rd 〇 2nd vaccination : Fri. October 1st ※
Day 4) 1st vaccination : Mon. September 6th 〇 2nd vaccination : Mon. October 4th ※
Day 5) 1st vaccination : Tue. September 7th 〇 2nd vaccination : Tue. October 5th ※

 On the dates marked with an asterisk (※), there are lectures scheduled for the third quarter, but those students who are to be vaccinated at Koganei campus should give priority to the vaccination. There is no disadvantage in giving priority to vaccination.
 For students who will get vaccinated during this period, on-demand streaming of lecture videos will be available in Google Classroom etc. for lectures conducted from Friday, October 1st to Friday, October 8th.
 If you have not made a reservation for the vaccination yet, please take this opportunity and consider getting vaccinated.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Educational Affairs Section.

Contact Information

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Faculty of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering
Educational Affairs Section, Koganei Student Support Office
e-mail : tkyomu1 (input@ here)