Independent TUAT Scholarships

Information on TUAT’s independent scholarship system, which provides benefit payments to students.

【important】Regarding Emergency Support Scholarships for Students Requiring Support due to the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infections


Under the social conditions related to the prevention of the spread of novel coronavirus infections, emergency support scholarships will be provided to students in need of support in their daily life due to being unable to pay the rent of their apartments or purchase daily necessities, etc. caused by a decrease in household income allocated to student living expenses (combined tuition and living expenses), decrease in income from their part-time job, etc., and as an emergency measure said scholarships will not need to be repaid.


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Education and Research Promotion Foundation Scholarship

Supported by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Education and Research Foundation, this scholarship is meant to motivate students to study and achieve excellent results.


Undergraduate and master’s students who have achieved outstanding academic results during the previous academic year and have an excellent personal character.

Scholarship amount

100,000 yen

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Academic Encouragement Scholarship

This scholarship was established in academic year 2006 to encourage academically excellent students to advance to a university doctoral course.
This scholarship is meant to cultivate talented individuals who will embody the university’s fundamental principle of MORE SENSE: Mission Oriented Research and Education giving Synergy in Endeavors toward a Sustainable Earth.


Persons who have completed a TUAT master’s course, professional degree course or six-year bachelor degree course and who will be entering a TUAT doctoral course. Note: The scholarship cannot be awarded to persons already receiving financial aid, such as recipients of Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarships, recipients of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship for Young Scientist fellowships, and adult students receiving support from their company.

Scholarship amount

300,000 yen

Contact Information

Please contact the appropriate section or office you are affiliated with if you want to apply.

Faculties and graduate schools Inquiries
Faculty of Agriculture and Graduate School of Agriculture Student Support Section, Fuchu Student Support Office, Tel: 042-367-5579
Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering Student Support Section Koganei Student Support Office, Tel: 042-388-7011
Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering Office of the Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering, Tel: 042-388-7217
United Graduate School of Agricultural Science Office of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tel: 042-367-5670