How to Use the SPICA School Information System

School Information System Login

Enter your SPICA ID in the ID field.
SPICA school information system login portal

Changing your password: You may change your password via the Information Media Center's "Salut" request system.
Request a new password: Please bring your student ID and visit the Information Media Center in person to request a new password.


Launched as part of efforts to expand student services, TUAT's school information system (nicknamed "SPICA") began full operation in April 2007. SPICA makes it possible to use do a variety of procedures over the Internet, such as registering for courses and viewing grades. Details regarding SPICA are provided below.

Primary Functions

  • Online course registration
  • Syllabus lookup
  • Viewing grades online
  • Viewing the student registry, etc.
  • Course cancellation information, notices, etc.

Who May Use SPICA

  • TUAT students

Operating Environment

  • SPICA may be accessed on or off-campus. (Note, however, that certain functions are restricted when accessing SPICA off-campus.)

Usage Schedule

  • Relevant personnel in charge of school affairs may provide additional information on how to use SPICA; please use SPICA accordingly.

Important Points

  • Please manage your password carefully to prevent the leakage of personal information (including periodically changing your password).
  • Please be aware that primary SPICA functions may have set usage times and periods.