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Information about student support representatives.

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Student support representatives are available to help with your academic, economic and personal concerns as well as general concerns related to campus life. There are student support representatives for each department and major, so feel free to visit the laboratory of the representative corresponding to your affiliation when you would like to discuss something.

Faculty of Agriculture and Graduate School of Agriculture

Department Name Faculty Employment Supervisor Extension
Outside calls:042-367-[Extension]
Committee chair SAITO Hirotaka 5584 hiros
Committee vice chair KITANO Yoshikazu 5700 kitayo

Department of Biological Production

Sustainable Society course

Sustainable Society program

ARAI Sachiho W. 5686 sachiho

Department of Biological Production

Agricultural Production Sciences course

Agricultural Production Sciences program

TANAKA Haruo 5846 haruo

Department of Applied Biological Science

Agricultural Production Sciences course

Bioregulation and Biointeraction program

FUKUHARA Toshiyuki 5627 fuku

Applied Biological Chemistry course

Applied Biological Chemistry program

KITANO Yoshikazu 5700 kitayo

Environmental Science and Natural Resources course

Environmental Science on Biosphere program

OHJI Madoka 5950 ohji

Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences

Environmental Science and Natural Resources course

Natural Resources and Ecomaterials program

Sato Keiichi 5720 keisato
Department of Ecoregion Science ENOMOTO Hiroyuki 5596 hirolaw

Agricultural Engineering and Agro-Food Informatics course

Agricultural Engineering and Agro-Food Informatics program

TATSUMI Kenichi 5679 ktatsumi

Environmental Science and Natural Resources course

Natural Environment Conservation program

AKASAKA Munemitsu 5829 muuak
Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine KANEDA Masahiro 5765 kanedam
Cooperative Division of Veterinary Sciences MURAKAMI Tomoaki 5883 mrkmt

International Innovative Agricultural Science course

International Innovative Agricultural Science program

KATSURA Keisuke 5952 kkatsura

Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering

Departments Student Support Representatives Extension
Department of Biotechnology and Life Science Takahiro Ichikawa
Ryutaro Asano
Department of Applied Chemistry Akio Saito 7667
Department of Organic and Polymer Materials Chemistry Koji Nakano 7162
Department of Chemical Engineering Hideaki Tokuyama 7607
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Raksincharoensak Pongsathorn (committee chair)

Kaoru Iwamoto

Tohru Takahashi




Department of Applied Physics Hiroki Minoda (committee vice chair) 7114
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Kunihiro Fujiyoshi
Kenta Umebayashi
Department of Computer and Information Sciences Kazuko Shinohara
Hironori Nakajo
Department of Industrial Technology and Innovation Hiroshi Yamada 7154