Tuition and Admission Fee Exemption/Deferment

Information on tuition and admission fee exemptions/deferments.

TUAT allows those having difficulty paying tuition and admission fees for financial reasons to apply for an exemption. After a screening process, you may be exempted from paying these fees.
TUAT also has a program to allow students to defer paying their tuition and admission fees if it is determined that they will have difficulty paying by the deadline for financial reasons. This also involves a screening process. The deadline will be extended until the end of August for the first term and the end of February for the second term.
If you want to obtain an exemption/deferral, please carefully read the related items about eligibility, the documents to submit and application procedures before you apply.

Application form locations Graduate School of Agriculture and Faculty of Agriculture Student Support Section, Fuchu Student Support Office
Faculty of Engineering Student Support Section, Koganei Student Support Office
United Graduate School of Agricultural Science Student Affairs Section of the United Graduate School
Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering Office of the Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering Admissions Section, Koganei Student Support Office

Admission Fee Exemption and Deferment

Information on admission fee exemptions and deferments.

Tuition Exemptions/Deferments (Financial Reasons and Academic Excellence)

Information on tuition exemption and deferments (for financial reasons and for academically excellent students).

Tuition Exemption (Academically Excellent Students)

Information on tuition exemptions for academically excellent students.