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Descriptions of information and service windows.

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Educational Affairs Section

Location Fuchu and Koganei Student Support Offices
  • Withdrawal, graduation, completion and other changes in student status and changes in status during school enrollment, such as taking a leave of absence, returning to school or changing departments
  • Matters related to curriculum creation and operation, class schedule organization, off-campus training, tours, and holidays
  • Final exams and other exams, attendance status, course status
  • Education licensing and training
  • Matters related to guidance and advice on studying
  • Certification of student and graduate status and grades
  • Status and study of international students
  • Procedures for research students and non-degree students
  • Credit Transfer Program

Student Support Section

Location Fuchu and Koganei Student Support Offices
  • Scholarships, tuition fee reductions/exemption, and collection deferments
  • Issuing of student IDs and certificates for purchasing commuter passes
  • Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai) and liability Insurance coupled with "Gakkensai”
  • Lending and reservation of items and campus facilities
  • Lost and stolen items
  • Vehicle entry permit procedures
  • Advice on extracurricular activities, guidance for students and student organizations, and awards/commendations and disciplinary actions
  • Advice and consultation for international students about daily life
  • Career and Employment Consultation Office appointments

Student Support Office

  • Matters related to lodging and training facilities
  • Matters related to student dormitories
  • Matters related to employment and recruitment

Automatic Certificate Dispensers

Location Fuchu and Koganei Student Support Offices
Services Certificates verifying school enrollment, expected graduation or course completion, school discounts, and health examinations

The following graduate schools have their own offices.

United Graduate School of Agricultural Science: Student Affairs Section of the United Graduate School
Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering: BASE Office
Department of Industrial Technology and Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering / Graduate School of Technology Management: Office of the Department of Industrial Technology and Innovation