Student Disability Services Office

Message from the Director

TUAT has established a Student Disability Services Office in the Health Service Center. The office supports students with physical and sensory disabilities, communication difficulties or other issues related to learning, and other learning-related problems. The Student Disability Services Office works with every group in the school—including the faculties, institutes, graduate schools and Health Service Centers—to determine what support each student needs, and provides that support in cooperation with the members of the individual student’s department.
The office also conducts other work as necessary, such as ensuring that the campus environment is conducive to learning, carrying out educational activities, and conducting training.
If you have a problem, we encourage you to visit and consult with permanent specialist staff of the Student Disability Services Office rather than worrying on your own. The office offers advice to students and others from every department whenever needed.

Support System

The Student Disability Services Office is located in the Health Service Center with full-time specialist staff.
The office’s main activities are listed below. The office works with every faculty, institute and graduate school to provide the support and services necessary to improve the learning environment.

(1) Disseminate information about available support
(2) Implement policies related to acceptance
(3) Support volunteer activities related to support
(4) Work together with related groups
(5) Conduct investigation and research related to support and develop teaching material related to support
(6) Other measures to provide essential support for learning

Consultation and Contact Information

Student Disability Services Office Reception (Administrative Office, Health Service Center, Fuchu Campus)
Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
(excluding national holidays, the anniversary of the school’s foundation, entrance exam days, and days when the entire school is closed)
Address: 3-8-1 Harumicho, Fuchu City, Tokyo 183-8538
Tel: 042-367-5548, Fax: 042-367-5579

Consultation Locations (Contact us to determine a consultation location.)
Fuchu Campus 
Student Disability Services Office, Main Building 1F
Counseling Office, Fuchu Health Service Center 2F

Koganei Campus
Student Disability Services Office, Koganei Health Service Center, Administration Building 1F