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Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology VI Guideline
- Guideline for using the Brand Mark - 


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology is working to create a recycling society with its motto MORE SENSE: Mission Oriented Research and Education giving Synergy in Endeavors toward a Sustainable Earth. In order to make this philosophy widely understood by society and to enhance the University brand value now and in future, the University created a brand mark in April 2006, with the hope that this brand mark would be cherished by many people as a unifying image suitable in expressing the TUAT philosophy.
This VI (Visual Identity) Guideline was compiled as a manual on brand mark use. You are requested to kindly comply with this Guideline to ensure proper use of the brand mark.

Brand Mark Introduction

Brand Mark


The brand mark symbolizes the university’s philosophy, “realizing a recycling society” using the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology name initials,. Green and blue horizontal bars in the mark respectively represent Agriculture and Technology and the circle in the middle represents “recycling”.
After many discussions in the “UP TUAT”, a project lead by the president to improve the TUAT branding image, it was decided that the logo mark was to be designed by renowned art director Seiju Toda, the recipient of various worldwide awards including the Asahi Advertising Award.

School Colors


The basic school color is Yves Klein Blue, a warm blue hue made from mineral pigments of Japan. It is also possible to use both green and blue in combination.

Brand Statement

The brand statement was decided in the “UP TUAT” branding project in which the best statement was chosen from submissions made by graduates, current students and faculty members and completed by Jun Maki, a representative Japanese copywriter and visiting TUAT professor.
It expresses the TUAT “realizing a recycling society” philosophy with a cheerful image of the Earth.


In October 1956, TUAT officially created and authorized the current emblem, in which Japanese characters for “university” are arranged on zelkova leaves. The Zelkova tree imparts an image of freedom as in “fly off into the sky on the cool wind sweeping across the zelkova leaves”. Other meanings also attributed to it include the “the leaves boldy reaching out into the sky suggest a promising future” and “serving as a windbreaker benefits society”.
This emblem shall be used in banners, on graduation certificates and official documents as the traditional University symbol.


The copyright of the brand mark lies with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and any unauthorized use of the brand mark is prohibited.
Please follow the procedures set below for brand mark use.

Use Criteria

1.Emblem use shall contribute to the promotion of university policy and public relations as well as to the publication and advancement of academics, scholarship and sports.

2.It shall not be used to diminish University dignity or image.

Procedures (Including non-University use)

1.When the brand mark is used for University activities and/or operations, such as for business cards, envelopes, letter papers, facsimile papers, templates, etc. notification to the university is not required. Please refer to the design manual for the use.

2.When the brand mark is to be used for printed matter, goods or events with any purpose other than a University activity or operation, such as for posters, advertisements, T-shirts, uniforms, etc. a notification needs to be submitted to the respective University office described below prior to the use.

Depending on the subject, use may not be approved.

Applicant Office in charge
Teachers and staff
(for non-official use)
Planning Office
Alumni and graduates Planning Office
Student groups Educational Affairs Office
Others (e.g. Cooperative) Planning Office

Note) Download the Brand Mark Use Application Form from below.

Data download

Data download is restricted to TUAT.
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〈Symbol (logo) mark set〉
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Visual Identity Guideline

When making business cards, envelopes, etc., please produce them as shown in the design samples. Although, changing the positions and the color of the mark is restricted, personal data can be freely added. Individuals may produce computer-generated business cards.

Color specification (standard)


Fonts, etc.

Business card

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Envelope (240x332mm)

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Power Point

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Student ID Card

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