Fuchu Campus Map

Please refer to the Fuchu campus map.

Building 1 (Department of Applied Biological Science, Department of Ecoregion Science, and Department  of Environmental and Natural  Resource Sciences)
Building 2 and New Building 2 (Department of Biological Production, Department of Applied  Biological Science, Department of  Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, Department of Ecoregion  Science, and Information Media Center)
Building 3 (Department of Ecoregion Science)
Building 4 (Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine)
Building 5 (Department of Environ­mental and Natural Resource Sciences and Department of Ecoregion Science)
Building 6 (Department of Biological Production  and Department of Ecoregion Science)
Building 7 (Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine and University Research Administration Center)
Building 8 (Department of Applied  Biological Science and Department of Environmental, Natural Resource Sciences and Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine)
Building 9 (Department of Ecoregion Science)
Main Building for Faculty of Agriculture and Nature and Science Museum
Lecture Hall 1 for Faculty of Agriculture
Lecture Hall 2 for Faculty of Agriculture
New Building 4 (Cooperative  Department of Veterinary Medicine  and Research and  Education Center)
Animal Medical Center (Veterinary clinic)
Scleroprotein and Leather Research Center
Indoor Gymnasium Facilities
Welfare Center and Support Center for Student Activities
⑳Sports and Health Sciences Building
United Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Cooperative Major in Advanced Health Science
㉓Gymnasium Facility  (golf driving range)
Administration (Student Affairs) and Organization for the Advancement of Education and Global Learning
Administration(General Affairs and Finance)
Health Service Center
Memorial Hall (Alumni 50th Anniversary Hall)
RI Laboratory for Faculty of Agriculture
Gene Research Center
Field Science Center
Research Center for Frontier Plant
㉝Fuchu International House
㉞Kaede Dormitory
㉟Staff Housing
㊱Staff Housing
㊲Staff Housing
Yume Ichiba (Dream’s Market) and Office of Center with Faculty of Agriculture
㊵Keyaki Dormitory


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