Admissions Categories and Application Guidelines (students admitted, schedules, etc.)

This page contains information about admission categories and application procedures.

The following PDFs of student application procedures are made public for reference purposes only.
If you would like to take an entrance exam for the university, be sure to obtain the student application procedure guidelines for the type of admission that you are seeking and complete the application procedure first.
Note: You cannot apply using the PDFs on this page.
Click here for information about how to obtain the student application procedure guidelines. (Opens in new window)

Transferring into the Third Year

Faculty Admission Category Application Procedures Guidelines
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Faculty of Agriculture
(all departments except the Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine)
• Academic ability assessment 2020 Admission Procedure Guidelines (806 KB PDF)
Faculty of Engineering • Recommendation
• Academic ability assessment
• Adult student special selection

2021 Admission Procedure Guidelines (2.1MB PDF)

Entrance exam questions from the past three years (excluding English questions)

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