Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering Research Students

Admission Requirements

Those who have graduated from a university or graduate school with a degree or are found to have academic abilities at least equivalent to those of university graduates or graduate school graduates, respectively.

Research Period

Up to two years

Application Deadline

As a rule, the application deadline is two months before the month in which research will start. If you need to acquire a new status of residence, please contact us six months before your desired date of admission through your prospective faculty advisor.

Application Information


Before you complete the application procedure, you must consult with a faculty advisor to determine the research period, research topic and the like. You can use this link to search for faculty contact information. Research students are not admitted in February or March.

Necessary Application Materials

As a rule, application materials are available from the appropriate offices. For details, contact the Educational Affairs Section.

  • Admission Application Form (provided by the university)
  • Resume (provided by the university)
  • Certificate of graduation or course completion (or expected graduation or course completion) from your last school, or a notarized document issued by a government agency
    Note: If you are of Chinese nationality, you must also submit (1) a graduation certificate, (2) an original copy of your diploma, and (3) a bachelor's degree certificate or a notarized document issued by a government agency.
  • A transcript (or certificate of expected unit acquisition) from your last school or a notarized document issued by a government agency Note: Copies are not accepted.
  • Health examination form (provided by the university) Note: The form must have been completed within the past six months.
  • Individuals currently employed by a company (or the like) must submit a written consent of their supervisor and a pledge form (provided by the university) indicating their desire to receive guidance in individual research from a member of the teaching staff.
  • Foreign applicants residing in Japan must submit a certification of information recorded on foreign resident registration.
  • Foreign applicants residing outside of Japan must submit a letter of consent from their supervisor, faculty advisor or the like from their former or current school and documents certifying their ability to pay tuition, accommodation expenses and the like during enrollment.


An application must be accompanied by the examination fee payment at the time of submission. The admission fee and tuition must be paid by the completion of the admission procedure after a letter of acceptance has been received.

Note 1: Click here for the amounts of the examination fee, admission fee, and tuition.

Note 2: Click here for information about special benefits for graduates of the university (and those who have completed a graduate course at the university).

Contact Information

Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering
Educational Affairs Section, Koganei Student Support Office
Tel: 042-388-7010