Preferential Treatment System for TUAT Graduates

This page contains information about special benefits for TUAT alumni.

To alleviate the concerns about school expenses of TUAT alumni who wish to continue studying, the university has established a benefit program in which it waives the admission fee and cuts tuition in half for alumni who become research students or non-degree students.
Through this program, TUAT supports alumni in their search for additional knowledge. As such, the program is for alumni currently working as well as those raising children who want to reenter the workforce, those who want to continue learning after retirement, and others. We hope this program enables graduates to add knowledge and specialization onto the foundation of what they have already learned and experienced at this university of science and technology, and broadens their potential impact on society.

Program Overview

  1. Eligibility
    Individuals who have graduated from or completed a course of study at the university (this includes those who have completed a program without obtaining a degree)
  2. Admission Fee
    Free for both research students and non-degree students
  3. Tuition
    14,800 yen (per month) for research students and 7,400 yen (per unit) for non-degree students. These are half the normal prices.
  4. Exam Fee
    9,800 yen for both research students and non-degree students