TUAT Efforts for Prevention of COVID-19 Spread

February 4, 2021

To all students

Trustee for Education/Vice-President ARIE Tsutomu

TUAT Efforts for Prevention of COVID-19 Spread

Thanks to your cooperation, to date, we have been able to conduct lectures, etc. at TUAT according to the September 1st notice. To continue to conduct lectures and research activities safely and smoothly, we again ask students to act with a high level of awareness to ensure that you will not get infected or infect others.

Based on the COVID-19 spread situation in Japan, we have summarized TUAT efforts to address pandemic prevention and information on economic/mental care/etc. support for students. Please check the following webpages thoroughly and continue to cooperate in preventing the infection spread.

[Comprehensive guide page]

[Detailed guide pages by item]

2. Prevention of COVID-19 spread

2. Support for students in financial need/student mental healthcare

Depending on the COVID-19 spread situation and the future social conditions, we may send a mass e-mail providing important information. Therefore, please make sure to check frequently your e-mail account provided by TUAT as well as our website and web bulletin board.

* Young people (in their 20s or 30s) often remain asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic but they still face health risk if infected with coronavirus. Some reportedly suffer from the aftereffects such as headache and taste disorder (although the causal relationship is unclear). There are even examples of deaths and severe cases.