Be wary of solicitation of cults, etc.

As a university student, you may be from time to time asked to join in activities such as volunteer activities, extra-curricular activities, study groups or parties on campus or in the street.

Among these solicitations, quite a number of them are by violent/anti-social organizations or alternative religious groups so-called "cults", and there have been a number of cases of students suffering mental, financial or physical damage from these kinds of organizations nationwide.

There are reported cases that even though the first few invitations were about mere volunteer activities or extra-curricular activities, however at a later stage, these led to participation in seminars or training camps. Then, in these places, attendees were brainwashed, forced to be a member of the organization, forced to cut the ties of family/friend relationships, or asked to pay money such as by demanding for a large donation or entering into a contract by coercion.

In most cases of those solicitations, marketers, etc. will approach you with one of the following excuses when you are alone on campus or in the street. You must not tell him/her your personal information such as your name, address, mobile phone number or e-mail address. Instead, please refuse firmly by saying “No, thank you” or “I am not interested”.

  • Volunteer activities such as picking up trash
  • Study sessions/groups with themes such as SDGs
  • Gospel or choir concerts
  • inter-university sport clubs (futsal, volleyball, etc.)
  • Cooking classes or luncheon/dinner meetings
  • Solicitation to be a fashion model or a product tester
  • Request to participate in a survey
  • Health consultation involving yoga, health products, etc.
  • Self-development seminars with themes such as reflecting on how one should live his/her life

If you suffer from persistently being solicited by an organization, etc., please consult with the university consultation desk promptly and do not hesitate to call the police.

Fuchu Campus Consultation Desk: Student Affairs Section, Fuchu Student Support Office 042-367-5579
Koganei Campus Counseling Desk: Student Affairs Section, Koganei Student Support Office 042-388-7916