Off Campus Housing and other Information

List of student accommodation managed by external organizations

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List of real estate agencies nearby TUAT campuses and others

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Guidebook for Tenants

A multilingual guidebook (available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) with easy to understand illustrations and information on finding a property, signing a lease, basic rules during your stay, moving-out procedures and emergency and disaster preparedness. Useful for foreigners looking for apartments in Japan on their own for the first time.

Guidebook for Tenants

Comprehensive Renter's insurance for international students

In Japan, a guarantor is generally required before you move into a private apartment. The Comprehensive Renter's insurance policy, supported by Japan Educational Exchanges and services, makes it easier for international students to secure a guarantor by reducing psychological and financial burdens on the person acting as your guarantor. TUAT will issue a "Certificate for moving into an apartment" for you, on the condition that you join the insurance.

The application requires one or two weeks, so please be sure to aplly at least two weeks prior to your moving.

Here is a list of the places you can apply:

  • Student Support Section, Fuchu Student Support Office - For undergraduate and graduate students of agriculture
  • Student Support Section, Koganei Student Support Office - For undergraduate and graduate students of engineering and graduate students of the Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE)
  • Graduate School Section, Fuchu Student Support Office - For students of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science