Notice (Measures to Be Taken for Students) [Jan-7]



January 7, 2021

To all students

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response Headquarter,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)

TUAT Measures from Friday, January 8th under the Declaration of the State of Emergency

The national government is planning to declare another "State of Emergency in Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)" for Tokyo and its three surrounding prefectures (Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama), and these local governments are also expected to implement measures on/after Friday, January 8 according to the declaration of the state of emergency. These measures are expected to be effective till Sunday, February 7.

We ask all students to continue to cooperate in preventing the spread of the virus by raising awareness on “protecting yourself from infection and preventing infection transmission to others”.

  • From Friday, January 8, many of the lectures will be held online. Lectures that are required to be carried out face-to-face, such as experiment/training courses or periodic examinations, may be conducted offline after thorough infection prevention measures are taken. However, please ensure to follow the policies of the Faculty/Graduate School you belong to.
  • Please check frequently the Google Classroom, WEB Bulletin Board for students and TUAT website, etc. for your lecture conducting method, etc.
  • Laboratory activities can be carried out to the minimum extent necessary after thorough infection prevention measures are taken. However, please ensure to follow the policies of the Faculty/Graduate School you belong to.
  • Refrain from going out unless absolutely necessary and cooperate in preventing the spread of the virus.
  • Please do not organize or participate in extra-curricular activities except for the online ones regardless of whether the organizing group/activity has been approved or not; OR whether the activity would take place on campus or not. For the limited cases in which dealing with living creatures, etc. is required, upon the approval of the faculty member in charge of the activity, carry out the activity in the minimal time frame with the minimum number of people required.
  • Take actions to prevent the virus spread such as by taking care of your physical condition, hand washing and wearing a mask. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor, etc., and do not attend university nor go outside the house/residence.
  • Please take great care and attention not to contract the virus from off-campus activities (including part-time jobs and volunteer activities).
  • Refrain from gathering to eat or drink with others regardless of whether they belong to TUAT or not; OR whether it is in a restaurant or in someone’s private house/residence, etc.
  • In general, students’ business trips, etc. within Japan or overseas will not be approved.
  • If you are confirmed with COVID-19, taken a PCR test or identified as a Close Contact to a COVID-19 positive individual, immediately report it to the University, etc. according to this Self-Quarantine Guide (separate link).
  • Please pay close attention to the information and guidelines from the national and local governments and act according to the information, etc. provided by them.
    ※ “緊急事態行動” (Emergency Action) for Tokyo
  • We will make another announcement if the government extends or ends the state of emergency, etc. or any other changes occur.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Student Support Office, etc. of the Faculty/Graduate School you belong to.



Please contact the administration office of your affiliation for inquiries regarding this notice.

For Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture students:
Fuchu Campus Student Support Office
TEL:042-367-5662 (From overseas) +81-42-367-5662
E-mail:akyomu1(input @ here)

For United Graduate School of Agricultural Science students:
United Graduate School of Agricultural Science Student Affairs Section
TEL:042-367-5670 (From overseas) +81-42-367-5670
E-mail:rennougk(input @ here)

For Faculty of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering students:
Koganei Campus Student Support Office
TEL:042-388-7010 (From overseas) +81-42-388-7010
E-mail:tkyomu1(input @ here)

For Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE) students:
Koganei Campus Students Support Office
TEL:042-388-7173 (From overseas) +81-42-388-7173
E-mail:gaklead1(input @ here)