Notice(Measures to Be Taken for Students)[Jun-22]


June 22, 2020
Partial amendment

To all students:

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response Headquarter,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)

From Monday, June 15, campus entry restrictions were lifted

 On May 25, the Japanese Government lifted the state of emergency in response to the novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in all prefectures including the special alert prefectures; and on June 19, the government relaxed its recommendation against non-essential travel including that on cross-prefectural travel. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government as well lifted its business-closure request for almost all sectors from June 19. However, the spread of COVID-19 has not come to an end yet. For the time being, continued efforts are required to prevent the further spread of the virus.

 At TUAT, from Monday, June 15, the campus entry restrictions were lifted to allow students to attend school; and the classrooms, libraries, student welfare facilities, etc. have become/will become available for use step by step whilst taking infection prevention measures to avoid the three conditions (3 Cs) that facilitate the transmission of infectious disease (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact), etc.. All TUAT students should be aware of the policies of the faculty/graduate school/laboratory you belong to; the guidelines provided by the national and related local governments; as well as the contents of TUAT’s Notice and Code of Conduct posted on the TUAT website on April 7. We request that our students take actions not to spread the infection, such as protecting themselves from the virus and preventing infection transmission to others.

  • Acting with utmost caution not to lead to infection transmission and being aware of the latest information on the face-to-face lecture being conducted, prepare your study environment, such as coming to Tokyo from your parents’ house.
  • In the University and in its faculty/graduate school/laboratory facilities, we are taking infection control measures, and accordingly where possible, face-to-face lectures in classrooms have begun.

  • For those who wish not to come to Tokyo or not to come to school due to concerns on infection, we will take account of the situation if possible such as by communicating with the student online and sending lecture video clips to the student. Please contact the student committee or your supervisor/advising professor.

  • TUAT’s correspondence for lectures in the first quarter (until July 31) and second quarter (August 17 - September 30) is as follows. Please check the WEB Bulletin Board or TUAT website, etc. regularly.
  1. In order to avoid the three conditions (3 Cs) in the classrooms and during commuting to school, a number of lectures will be held online throughout the first quarter.
  2. The lecture schedule, examination period, etc. of each lecture were announced by each department.

  3. Depending on each course, some courses may be involved with extra class time for supplementary lectures, report submission, additional online lectures, etc.

  4. For courses that are not suitable for online lectures, experimental training courses and lectures that involve practical skills such as physical education, major changes to the lecture start timing and ways the course is conducted, etc. will be made.

  5. All overseas student dispatches scheduled for the second quarter have been cancelled.

  6. In addition to intensive lectures and practical training; experimental training and supplementary lectures, etc. originally planned for the first quarter may be held during the second quarter.

  7. Regarding changes in laboratories' division requirements and timings, and other necessary measures, the Board of Education, student committee, supervisor/advising professors may contact you, other than posting notices on the WEB bulletin board.


  • If you have taken/will be taking a PCR test, please inform the University immediately. Also, if confirmed with COVID-19 as the result of the test (if you have received a positive PCR result) regardless of whether you had contacted the University in advance or not, please inform the University immediately.

    Weekdays 8:30 - 17:15 (Educational Affairs Office) 042-367-5537
    Non-office hours/weekends/holidays 090-5773-8562 (for international students) 
  • If confirmed with COVID-19 or have taken a PCR test【Contact Information】(PDF:232KB)
  • If you are not feeling well, please refrain from coming to school.

  • Please pay attention to infection transmission during/after commuting to school.

  • Laboratory activities have been/will be resumed in descending order of necessity while taking measures to avoid the three conditions (3 Cs). Please follow the guidelines provided by the faculty/graduate school/laboratory you belong to.

  • You have access to some e-journals and database outside the University using your TUAT-ID. The details are posted on the library website.

  • Extra-curricular activities can be resumed after the campus entry restrictions are lifted, with the approval of the professor in charge of the activity, and if a "Request for Extracurricular Activities" is submitted to the office of the department and approved. However, please be sure to avoid the three conditions (3 Cs), such as by postponing new student welcome parties.

  • Announcement for tuition fee exemption/payment postponement application, etc. may be released. Please check the University website, etc. frequently.

  • If the national or local government’s state of emergency, etc. is re-declared or action is taken by the government(s), we will announce our correspondence again.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the Student Support Office of your affiliation.


Please contact the administration office of your affiliation for inquiries regarding this notice.

For Faculty of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture students:
Fuchu Campus Student Support Office
TEL:042-367-5662 (From overseas) +81-42-367-5662
E-mail:akyomu1(input @ here)

For United Graduate School of Agricultural Science students:
United Graduate School of Agricultural Science Student Affairs Section
TEL:042-367-5670 (From overseas) +81-42-367-5670
E-mail:rennougk(input @ here)

For Faculty of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering students:
Koganei Campus Student Support Office
TEL:042-388-7010 (From overseas) +81-42-388-7010
E-mail:tkyomu1(input @ here)

For Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE) students:
Koganei Campus Students Support Office
TEL:042-388-7173 (From overseas) +81-42-388-7173
E-mail:gaklead1(input @ here)

Reference) Response to COVID-19 Outbreak by Phase and TUAT Response (Amended based on the response of Japan Society for Occupational Health (released on March 2, 2020))

  Phase 1
Outbreak Outside Japan
Phase 2
Domestic-Level Outbreak
Phase 3
Early Domestic Spread
Phase 4
Phase 5
Epidemic Condition Outbreak in China Domestic-Level Outbreak (confirmed cases of infected persons(transmission confirmable) Confirmed Cases of Infected Persons Increase (transmission routes unclear) Confirmed Cases of Infected Persons Dramatically(transmission routes unclear) Confirmed Cases of Infected Persons Decrease
Government Boarder Control Strengthen Boarder Control Prevent Domestic Infection Spread Strengthen Prevention of Infection Spread(declare a state of emergency) Evaluation and Improvement on Measures
Following Preventive Measures Following Strengthened Preventive Measures, Prevention of Infection Transmission to Others Following Strengthened Preventive Measures, Prevention of Infection Transmission to Others Following Preventive Measures
Medical Treatment
Treatment while Hospitalized Treatment while Hospitalized Reduce Medical Care Burden Reconstruction of Medical System
(TUAT Resonse)

Self-Restraint Campus Entry Restricted
(TUAT Resonse)
Lectures, etc.

No Face-to Face Lectures No Face-to Face Lectures Face-to Face Lectures
(TUAT Resonse)
Research, etc.

Minimal Self-Restraint Campus Entry Only When Necessary with Campus Entry Permit
(TUAT Resonse)
Business Trips, etc.

Self-Restraint In Principle, Prohibited