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About BASE

Learning from bio, applying to a new system …

Many of the recent innovations in sciences and technology are rooted in the bilateral cooperation of biological and agricultural sciences along with a variety of engineering sciences.

This merger has found applications in various fields including medicine, chemistry, food, electronics, mechatronics, robotics, data processing, and computer graphics.

Furthermore, such collaborations promise further progress in fields related chemical processes, materials, energy, and environment, all critical for the sustainable development of human life.

BASE provides educational opportunities to all who endeavor, encouraging students to cope with the difficulties created by modern industrial achievements, integrating biological and ecological principles with those of industry and engineering.

The Graduate School of BASE is distinctive by

Its intention for fusion of applied sciences.

To cope with the historical demand for sustainable human activities, the Graduate School of BASE aims at the fusion of natural, agriculture, and engineering sciences.

Its availability to students of a wide spectrum backgrounds and interests.

BASE is open to students of various scientific backgrounds.

Its openness to social and international collaboration.

Social and international collaboration in research and education is quite active in BASE. With the approval from his/her company or institution, anybody has the possibility of studying at BASE while keeping his/her job. Special exemption is possible based on their experience. Foreign students will also find a cozy atmosphere for their study.

Its encouragement for quick graduation for further career construction.

Student are encouraged to finish their thesis quickly by achieving excellent records.

Special Admission:

For doctoral students from abroad, and especially for the governmental-funded scholars, in 2013 we have modified our admission procedure, and we prepared a website.. Please also find a professor as your research advisor from Departments of : Chemical & Material Systems, Bio-Mechanics & Intelligent Systems, Environment-Symbiotic Production Systems, or a TUAT-Waseda Joint-Department: Advanced Health Science.

One-year (non-degree) program in Science and Engineering at TUAT

For master student. STEP Program Start in October, Application deadline is March.

Internal Procedure and Documents or Forms:

Please see here and download PDF files.

Office hour:

For international scholars/students, from April 2014 we initiated an "office hour" system . You may come to BASE office, meeting some fellows who can speak English and Japanese, and asking some questions, etc.