Tuition Fees Will Increase for Students Newly Entering Undergraduate Programs from AY 2024 and Graduate Programs from AY 2025

October 20, 2023

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) will raise tuition fees for newly-entering students from April 2024 (academic year 2024; undergraduate programs from AY 2024 and graduate programs from AY 2025 respectively), as follows.

TUAT will focus its efforts on fostering human resources who can contribute to solving global issues including food, environmental, and energy problems. With the financial resources from this tuition fee change, we will enhance our education, learning environment, learning support system, etc. and pursue to produce innovative scientists with high potential to actualize our President's vision of "maximizing human value on a foundation of science”. Consequently, we will contribute to society through implementing innovations based on our science, technology and research results.

At the same time, we are also committed to providing and expanding financial support to students who wish to study at TUAT, so that they do not miss out on the opportunity due to their financial constraints caused by this tuition fee increase. We kindly ask for your understanding.

1. Increased tuition fees (annual rates)

(1) From April 2024
For students newly entering a TUAT undergraduate program (excluding third-year transfer students):
From 535,800 yen (current) to 642,960 yen (after the change): 107,160 yen increase (by 20% from the current rate)

(2) From April 2025
For students newly entering a TUAT graduate program (including master's degree programs, professional degree programs* and doctoral degree programs):
From 535,800 yen (current) to 642,960 yen (after the change): 107,160 yen increase (by 20% from the current rate)
*For students newly entering a TUAT professional degree program, from 572,400 yen (current) to 642,960 yen (after the change): 70,560 yen increase (by approx. 12.3% from the current rate)

(3) From April 2026
For students newly entering a TUAT undergraduate program as a third-year transfer student
From 535,800 yen (current) to 642,960 yen (after the change): 107,160 yen increase (by 20% from the current rate)

2. Maximizing future potential of "people" by implementing our science, technology, and research results accelerated by the tuition fee increases

(1) Reform science innovation education
(2) Promote internationalization
(3) Enhance support for students and their study
(4) Enhance learning environment for students

* For students who have newly entered an undergraduate program from academic year 2023 or earlier, and those who have newly entered or will newly enter a graduate program from academic year 2024 or earlier, their current tuition rate will apply continuously even after academic year 2024 as long as they are enrolled in the same program. However, if a student is no longer enrolled in the same program in which s/he is currently enrolled (for example, s/he graduates from or completes the program), and s/he newly enters or advances to a different program, the annual tuition rate at the time of new enrollment will apply.

We will strongly support students’ transition from a bachelor’s degree program to a master's degree program, and from a master's degree program to a doctoral degree program through the following efforts: utilizing TUAT's own financial resources and actualizing a 100% tuition waiver rate for undergraduate and graduate students who are eligible for a tuition waiver and if they apply for it; and furthermore, improving and strengthening our grant-type scholarship program.

There will be no change in the university admission fees.

Message from the President

At Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) , increase in tuition fees for students newly entering a TUAT undergraduate program from the 2024 academic year or a graduate program from the 2025 academic year, etc. will be made, and this change will be effective from the 2024 academic year. I would like to apologize for the great concern and burden it may cause to those involved, and I, as President of the university, would like to report to you that the university as a whole has come to this decision.

At TUAT, our most important goal is to greatly enhance the value of people's future potential based on our world-leading science, technology, and research capabilities, and TUAT has disclosed this as the President’s Vision. In other words, our aim is to provide such opportunities so that what you have gained through your various studies, academic pursuits, and new encounters with friends and faculty members during your time at this university can benefit you and continue to develop after you complete your studies and graduate from this university, and that you will continue to play an active role with conviction and confidence for decades to come as a person who is indispensable to the future society.

Against this backdrop, today's society is faced with urgent issues pressing upon humanity, such as intensifying climate crisis, environmental destruction, and energy and food problems. We are convinced that TUAT, with its foundation in agricultural science and engineering, is the one that must face these issues and the demands of society, and with foresight, foster future-oriented human resources who will take on the challenge of solving these problems as their own life's work.

To this end, it is necessary to further develop and expand the educational and research environment in anticipation of the coming era of drastic change, including increasing opportunities for practical training activities through a broader and deeper international perspective and strong collaborations with industry. With this in mind, we have come to the conclusion that based on our university’s unique policies and implementation plans, we need to further develop a system in which the university and its students can unite under a common goal, and one that is more flexible and can evolve to a higher level.

Undoubtedly, all of the valuable tuition fees you pay can directly improve and be reflected in the quality of educational and research environment where you will be studying. Having said that, I cannot apologize enough for the fact that this rise in tuition fees may place a heavy burden on students, who plan to newly enroll in or transfer to TUAT to pursue higher education, and their guardians. We take this situation seriously in our university. All our faculty and administrative staff members will make a concerted and responsible effort as one team to live up to even greater expectations placed on TUAT, and proactively take on the challenge of new initiatives required for the next generation to prepare for new students’ enrollment in TUAT.

We firmly believe that the quality of your life will be tremendously enhanced by taking a deep dive into a world of knowledge and making the most of student life on this vast and prominent campus and facilities, surrounded by greenery and where freedom is respected. We and the university as a whole have come to a decision with conviction we will be accountable for. We kindly ask for your understanding on this, and sincerely hope that we can invite those thinking of newly entering TUAT to join in our journey toward achieving ambitious goals .

Thank you again for your kind understanding.