Precautions on the Use of Generative AI (ChatGPT, etc.)

April 25, 2023

 In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been rapidly developing, and AI capable of generating documents (text), images, etc., has emerged, as well as being used for data analysis, control, translation, etc. A representative example of such generative AI is ChatGPT (hereinafter referred to as "generative AI"), an interactive service that can generate text. ChatGPT can be easily used by anyone at no charge, and its widespread use is expected to have a significant impact on society, including education and research activities. On the other hand, without a proper understanding of how it works and how to use it, it may not be beneficial to you, and in some cases, it may unintentionally lead to information leakage or copyright infringement.
 The University hopes that you will understand the correct way to utilize generative AI and use it as an aid to your own education and research. Please note the following points to keep in mind when using generative AI.

 Points to keep in mind when using generative AI
 Using information obtained from the generative AI as is in your reports or assignments will not contribute to your own learning.
 Some answers from the generative AI may contain incorrect information, so it is your responsibility to verify whether the information obtained by the generative AI is really correct.
 If you input queries containing confidential information (unpublished papers, personal information, etc.) to the generative AI, the information is stored in it and may be extracted by others. If the obtained answers contain copyrighted text or images, the user may infringe on the copyright.

 Generative AI technology is advancing day by day, and we will modify the points to be noted based on the latest information and provide them to you as appropriate.


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