Request for action not to spread the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

July 26, 2021

To all students and faculty members

TUAT COVID-19 Response Headquarter

Request for action not to spread the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

 Effective until Sunday, August 22, the "State of Emergency for Coronavirus Infectious Diseases (COVID-19)" was issued in Tokyo, and "Priority Measures to Prevent Spread" have been applied to neighboring local governments. We have been asking everyone to act with the idea of "not infecting or spreading" COVID-19.
 Many new infections have been confirmed around Tokyo, and positive cases are also reported in TUAT every day.
 Under such circumstances, multiple students of TUAT gathered in a student's house and had a long dinner meeting without wearing a mask, one of them was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus, and all the participants were specified as possible patients (close contacts to a COVID-19 positive individual) by the Health Center. All of them were instructed to stay home for at least 10 days. Since the laboratory to which the positive student belongs has taken sufficient measures to prevent infection, the Health Center has determined that there is no spread of infection on campus at present, however, if the possible patients become positive, clustering could occur in the campus and this could affect research and study of other students and researchers on campus.
 In addition, we have received several reports such as a social gathering or drinking party being held in the apartments where TUAT students live or in the on-campus laboratories.
 In order to ensure an environment in which the university's primary purpose of study / education and research can be carried out, we are asking all of you once again to read carefully the notification dated July 9 where "refraining from gathering on- / off-campus” and “taking early vaccination” are suggested. We also ask you to take actions "not to get infected, not to spread infection, and to prevent spread of infection".