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3 Main Courses for BASE

Department of Bio-Functions and Systems Science


Department of Food and Energy Systems Science


Cooperative Major of Advanced Health Science (Joint Program with Waseda Univ. only for Doctoral Course)

Joint Department of Advanced Health Science is the country’s first cooperative major actualized through the partnership between a national university (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) and a private university (Waseda University). In today’s world, economic/social/cultural globalization is proceeding at a rapid pace. What are being required through graduate school education focusing on science/engineering majors are internationally-accepted research and development ability, competence through various viewpoints that surpasses academic fields, and comprehensive capacity as a leader.

This cooperative major focuses on nurturing human resources who can manifest their abilities in solving and exploring various issues and aims to train those who are well-educated and truly international-minded with strong moral values.

Specifically speaking, students are trained to become individuals who can be active in such fields as medicine, food, and environment and are given support so that they can become researchers and developers in pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare companies or get employed in many different types of corporations and organizations such as public research institutes and government offices. (From Cooperative Major of Advance Health Science homepage)