About BASE

Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering at TUAT was established in 1995, aiming to develop new research fields based on the combination of agriculture and engineering. The name of Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering referred to by the acronym BASE.

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the establishment of BASE. For this period, drastic changes have occurred on global scale in many fields such as in natural environment, economy, society and technology. Since most issues nowadays are more complexed and complicated with various aspects, a new human resource development is demanded to respond in variety of issues from wide perspectives. To overcome various difficulties in diverse fields and construct a safe and secure society, we need new wisdom in diverse scientific and technological fields, such as the environment, energy, food and health.

The graduate school of BASE follows the foundational principle; “the study of life and the creation of new systems.” The school engages in developing innovations under the collaborations of agriculture, engineering and life science, and training individuals with competitive and practical abilities. For example, the following aspects have incorporated in our curricula; Lab-borderless education providing opportunities to learn from different research fields. Graduate students at Lab-rotation system can experience research works under several different professors. This educational system encourages the graduate students to understand various disciplines and to think outside the box. The graduate school of BASE provides high level of education and research with internationally active professors and well-structured environment to create new ideas. We are also proud of the diversity of the graduate students with various age range and nationalities, which consist of working adults and foreign students .

In 2010, we established the Cooperative Major in Advanced Health Science (Doctoral Course) as a joint graduate school program with Waseda University. In 2015, the Department of Applied Biological Science was expanded and re-organized as the Department of Bio-Functions and Systems Science (Master’s Course and Doctoral Course) and the Department of Food and Energy Systems Science (Five-year Integrated Doctoral Course), bringing the school’s number of departments to three. The latter department is based on the concept of Leading Graduate School, which promotes a practical science program. We have also strengthened ties and cooperation with Sophia University (Jo-chi University) and International Christian University(ICU) to enhance our ability to communicate on a global level.

In addition to supervising and providing research guidance of the professors, graduate school of BASE will foster human resources competent in wide range of fields through the studies and researches collaborating with students outside the laboratory, with overseas universities and with variety of people in the world. We expect that many students join our graduate school of BASE and make challenges toward progress of the global world.

Former Dean

神谷 秀博 Kamiya, Hidehiro 2013-2019
(Became Dean of GIR at TUAT in 2017)
堤 正臣 TSUTSUMI, Masaomi 2011-2013
(Became Vice President of TUAT in 2013)
岡崎 正規 OKAZAKI, Masanori 2005-2011
(Became Professor of Environmental Science, at Ishikawa Prefectural University)
小畑 秀文 KOBATAKE, Hidefumi 2001-2005
(Became President of TUAT in 2005, and in 2009 (2nd term), then President of the Institute of National Colleges of Technology)
宮田 清蔵 MIYATA, Seizo 1995-2001
(Became President of TUAT in 2001, then a Senior Program Manager at NEDO)