Message from the Graduate School Dean

The pandemic by the new coronavirus has radically changed our lives and caused many people to die from the disease. In the struggle to overcome this disease and regain normal daily life, the potential of our "power of science" may have been appreciated. Some of the technologies established through years of research were put to practical use for the first time. New challenges have also arisen with the use. The "power of science" is also able to overcome this challenge. Humanity faces many other crises besides the new corona. Sustainable security of food, resources, and energy, as well as environmental issues, are also important crises that must be resolved. The "power of science" in the field of agriculture can contribute to solving these issues.

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences is a doctoral program consisting of Ibaraki University, Utsunomiya University, and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. The cooperation of the three universities in this graduate school adequately covers the broad field of agricultural science, which is known as the "integrated science of life". In addition, the system allows each university to collaborate while taking advantage of its own characteristics, making it possible to create unique innovations that cannot be achieved by a single university. Please expect that the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences will produce the "power of science" necessary to solve the various problems facing modern society and to pioneer a bright future with sustainable development.


Motoki Kanekatsu


United Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology