United Graduate School of Agricultural Science



Graduates can obtain the following certificates:
・Certificate of completion
・Transcript (certificate concerning state of research, etc.)
・Certificate of past enrollment
・Certificate of completion without degree
How to Apply
Apply in person or by mail to the Office of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science.
・Number of days required for certificate issuance: Japanese certificate—three days; English—one week
Note: If requesting a certificate by mail, please factor in additional days for mailing.

Applying by Mail
Write "Certificate request" in red ink on the front of the envelope and mail the following three items to the Student Affairs Section of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science:

1: Application for certificate issuance
Be sure to include the following items in the prescribed application for certificate issuance.
You can download applications for certificate issuance from the List of Applications page.

Applicant information
・Full name
・Date of birth
・School register number (if you do not know your school register number, it may be omitted)
・Academic year of enrollment
・Application date
・Name of department or program completed
・Addressee name(s) (certificates cannot be issued without a specific addressee)
Note: If requesting multiple copies, please include all addressees.
・Daytime contact (address or phone number)
Note: If applying for your certificate from outside Japan, be sure to include your email address in the contact section.

The certificate(s) required
・Type, number of copies and language of certificate (Japanese/English)
・Whether you want the certificate sealed; please include details in the contact section if the certificate must be sealed.
Example: Sending a certificate of graduation and a transcript together in a single sealed envelope.

2: A copy of an official ID
Include a copy of your driver's license, passport, etc.

3: A return envelope with the appropriate forwarding address and postage
The size of the envelope and postage required will differ depending on the number of certificate pages and whether any certificates must be sealed.
Example: Three or fewer certificates that will not be sealed can be included in the same standard (120 mm × 235 mm) envelope with a single ¥82 stamp.
If the postage provided is insufficient, we will not be able to send your certificate to you;
please be sure to provide an envelope and postage in excess of the bare minimum value needed to ensure proper delivery.
If you include stamps without affixing them to the return envelope, any excess, unused postage will be sent in the return envelope with the certificate.
If you require express return delivery, it will cost an additional ¥280 on top of standard postage.

・If you require any certificates to be sealed, be sure to include a 216 mm × 277 mm or a 240 mm × by 332 mm envelope.
A 216 mm × 277 envelope is sufficient for B5 size paper to be inserted without folding it.
A 240 mm × 332 envelope is sufficient for A4 size paper to be inserted without folding it.

・If the forwarding address for your certificate is not in Japan and the forwarding postage cannot be paid with Japanese stamps,
please include an international reply-paid coupon.
Be sure to include postage in excess of the bare minimum value needed to ensure delivery.

・If the name of the applicant differs from the named submitted at the time of enrollment
If your current name differs from the named submitted at the time of enrollment, please submit copies of documentation that link your former and current full names
(such as a copy of the notes section on the back of your driver's license or the name change column in your pension book).

Contact information and mailing address

Student Affairs Section, United Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Address: 3-5-8 Saiwaicho, Fuchu City, Tokyo 183-8509
Tel: 042-367-5670
Fax: 042-360-7167

Hours: Weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.